60-second interview: Tony Wallace, Head of Major Venues, GLL

Published: 02 Nov 2012

Tony Wallace1. Please introduce who you are, what you do and what your job entails.

My name is Tony Wallace and I am the Head of Major Venues for GLL.

Currently my job entails working with the London Legacy Development  Corporation on the mobilisation of the Aquatics Centre and Copper Box. The main focus for me at the minute is working with the LLDC on the transformation of both venues from Games mode to Legacy mode along with working up the exciting opening programmes for both venues. Not to mention building a professional and dedicated team to run the venues starting with the General manager of the Copper Box.

2. What career path have you taken to get to where you are today?

Following my University degree in Sport and Leisure Management I started with GLL as a Graduate Trainee Manager. It was this scheme that gave me excellent grounding in leisure management and since then I have progressed with the organisation into General and Partnership Management before concentrating on GLL’s Major venues.

3. GLL is a major player in the leisure market, can you explain who you are and what are some of your key future objectives?

GLL is a Charitable Social Enterprise that exists for the benefit of the community. It currently manages over 120 Leisure Centres and is the largest leisure operator in the UK. GLL's future objective is to further grow within the leisure market both in London and further afield. GLL is also looking at other business development areas to ensure the future of the organisation and its future success.

4. What advice do you have for candidates looking to devlop their career in sport?

Work hard, play hard. This is an incredibly demanding but rewarding industry. It is true that you get out what you put in and I would recommend it to anyone but you have to apply yourself. 

5. What is your favourite interview question you like to ask new recruits and why?

Why GLL? There are a number of sport and leisure operators and I want to know why someone wants to join GLL. GLL is different. We have a social conscience and we want people who join us to have one too. GLL is successful because of its culture of reinvestment into its facilities and staff and it takes a special person to work for us. I want to make sure that we get the right candidate who wants to work for GLL and not just any old leisure operator.

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