5 ways to retain quality talent

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The recruitment process is time consuming, let’s not kid ourselves. Having spent so much time attracting and appointing the ideal talent for your organisation, it is not time to sit back and relax; you must be sure that your staff are happy within their respective roles. There are numerous ways to ensure that your most valuable employees show continued commitment to the business - here are a selection of 5:

1.Offer progression opportunities: Your most valuable employees will be ambitious and want to develop their career. It is imperative that a strong structure is implemented within an organisation to allow for progression for existing staff. By hiring from within, an organisation delivers the message to other employees that, with hard work and results, these opportunities are available. Contrary to this, hiring from outside the company could dishearten current team members, make them feel undervalued and prompt them to look for a move where this progression is available.

2.Reward excellence: When results are generated, management need to recognise this and compensate staff accordingly. This could be in the form of commission schemes, bonuses, staff parties, or in any which way that may be appropriate to a specific organisation. Fewer things in the workplace are as demotivating as putting in endless effort without recognition. These rewards are great for team building and will only encourage staff to further themselves and push for even better results in future.

3.Encourage a work/life balance: Numerous studies and surveys have shown that organisations that recognise the needs for a balanced lifestyle have higher staff retention rates. Where possible, employees should be offered the opportunity to work from home or on a flexi-basis.  Someone being ‘stuck in the grind’ with no flexibility to their working days is one way to guarantee discontent. Suitable holiday allowance and illness programs should also be in place.

4.Create clear communication, transparency and trust: A manager should listen as much as he/she talks. Management should always be looking for ideas an input from other staff – a group of minds is better than solo input. Welcoming these ideas and, in some cases, implementing them, creates positivity amongst a team as they feel they are trusted, their insight is valued and they are contributing to projects rather than just implementing them.

5.Atmosphere is everything: Creating a nice atmosphere in the workplace is vital to retention of staff. Allow friendships to build between staff by organising team building activities. If the office is an enjoyable place to be, staff will be reluctant to leave.

Losing staff can play havoc with productivity. Not only does it leave you short on a certain project, it also creates the original problem, finding suitable and quality talent to fill the role. Investment in staff satisfaction should be high on your priority list. Fulfilled employees will help to build great projects, create fluidity and produce a versatile, stronger organisation. 

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