5 Steps to Evolve the Dreaded Review

More often than not both managers and employees find the general performance reviews a difficult and time consuming event that happens every so often thought the working calendar. But the performance review is meant to motivate and further develop the employees prospects within the company, so how can we refocus the review to become more positive once again? Here are 5 key steps to driving productivity by improving a performance review.


1. Performance happens daily so should a review

Every day brings different triumphs and challenges so to get the best from employees give real-time feedback. Feedback on both accomplishments and challenges faced daily by the employee will help them to grow and develop themselves ultimately developing the company especially as a focus can be put on achievements.

2. Reviews should be conversational

Everyone in the meeting should feel comfortable about discussing performance so both sides should have an even chance to express how they feel they are performing. The language used in the review should be suited to the employee, so avoid using HR language as not to lose their focus or confuse them. Clear action steps should be outlined with information they can use specifically focused on achievements they can be proud of alongside areas they can improve in.

3. What is the Purpose of the Review?

If all you do is fill out a form that just gets filed away what is the point of doing the review? The whole point of a review is to gather information that can be used to facilitate the development of not just of the employee but of the whole company.  Once the manager sees the benefits and the employees see the positivity of holding a performance review they will both make a greater effort at work and in the meeting, all leading to the progression of the company.

4. Embrace Simplicity and Consistency

Keep the reviews simple and frequent so there is a clear understanding of what is expected of the employee as an individual but also within the team. A straightforward meeting with clear direction will ensure the employee knows what is going on, whilst neither party gets lost in the complexity that a review can become.

5. Change the Stigma

We have all had a bad experience involving giving or receiving a performance review but you can change that.

A Great Manager will give performance reviews everyday giving clear constructive feedback.

A Great Employee will welcome feedback as a source of motivation and improvement.


Great organisation sees reviews positioned as part of everyday work routine not just a HR requirement. Great performance management systems encourage that all employees are involved in the collection of performance data to further enhance the company’s reviews and structuring.


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