#MYSPORTSJOB: A look inside the intern experience at adidas

InternA lot has been written about the benefits of participating in internship programmes as a route into the sports industry, and they have become commonplace (and often mandetory) within sports-related degrees and Master’s programmes. But once you’re internship is lined up and you have signed on the dotted line, how do you make the most of the of the opportunity and what should you look to take-away from the experience and apply in your future career within sport?

As part of the ‘Career Talk’ series on the adidas Group blog, two interns shared insight on their intern experience and offere their advise to those looking to break into sporting goods.

Alyce Menzel, who took part in a six month Internship in Corporate Communications at adidas before returning just two months later to kick start her career as Assistant Social Media and Community Manager for NEO, shares ‘8 tips to ace your internship’. Her imaginative and  informative suggestions range from ‘Be Memorable!’ to ‘Soak it up!’ and will inspire you to make the most of any opportunities that present themselves during your internship. Click here to read her tips in full.

Kasper Pasonen, who was product marketing intern in slides and training footwear, takes a different approach and reflects on the things he learned that could be applied in a future managerial role. Innovation, communication & openness are all core values he discusses, and he offers insight into the creative techniques used at adidas and how they offer significant benefits to the business. His blog is available to read in full here.

If you are looking at internship opportunities or contemplating the best ways to break into the sports industry, the above blogs are a very worthwhile read.

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