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A global leader in sports business education, located in the sports capital of the world. Ours is a leading-edge, innovative curriculum, which complements an unmatched global network of 1,100+ alumni.

More about us

The NYU Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport is a global leader in sports business education. In an effort to provide the greatest access to our leading-edge curriculum and extraordinary faculty, we have two MS degree programs. Our MS in Global Sport degree allows students to complete their degree while residing in their home country, spending only four weeks on-site, with the remainder of the course offered online. Alternatively, our MS in Sports Business degree is designed for those who prefer to study at our New York City location – in the sports capital of the world – the perfect setting to connect with major sports leagues, teams, arenas, sports agencies, sports media, sports technology innovators, and entrepreneurs, and startups. Both NYU Tisch Institute degrees provide a unique global perspective from the world’s leading global university and our 14 global centers on six continents. Our innovative curriculum focuses on the impact of technology on sports, the global sports ecosystem, and the implications of a digitally savvy fan base.


We take a holistic approach to the education and development of the sports industry’s future leaders. A key element of this approach is the development and nurturing of critical thinking skills. Problem-solving in the dynamic and complex sports world demands a wide range of skills, including the ability to incorporate data into decision processes and the self-insight to eliminate personal bias from decisions.

We also place a premium on developing the “soft skills”. Since the sports industry is a highly transactional business that requires strong people skills, we help our students become better listeners and cultivate their aptitude for empathy. These often overlooked leadership traits are important elements of our hands-on and practical approach to education, at the NYU Tisch Institute of Global Sport.