LaLiga Business School

LaLiga Business School is the educational department of LaLiga. A 100% inhouse project with the main goal of creating and retaining talent to provide added value as human capital for the Industry. In such a highly competitive environment, we strongly believe in the professionalisation of the Sports Industry through education. Delivering nationally and internationally, academic programs in Sports Marketing, Sports Law and Football Management in English and in Spanish. Masters and Courses in line with the demand of the Industry, taught by the best professionals of the sector. Programs designed by LaLiga, with a great importance of practical learning including numerous Practical Cases and Visiting some of the most important sport facilities in the world.

About LaLiga Business School

“LaLiga Business School”, Educational Department of LaLiga, created and promoted within our Institution, works hard with the objective of detecting, attracting and creating
present and future talent of the Sports Sector.

LaLiga is strongly committed to Education. Only through qualified training, professionals within the Sports Sector can achieve a better and more efficient Management Model for their Clubs and Institutions.
LaLiga will share all the expertise and knowledge so “LaLiga Business School” can guarantee the quality of its programmes which are nationally and internationally recognised as the perfect mean to train best professionals and management teams.

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“LaLiga 360º Experience, our students would live an immersion experience at our Campus in LaLiga headquarters in Madrid. They will learn the daily activity of the Sports Sector from the inside of it, through the masterclasess, educational trips and visits and Real Case Studies about LaLiga, LaLiga Clubs and some of the most important entities in the Industry”