Double Pass Education

Double Pass brings your football expertise to the next level thanks to our different educational journeys.
Double Pass is a Belgian company with 15 years of expertise in the field of talent development. We are active in 125 nations on 6 continents and have worked for more than 1,000 clubs.

About Double Pass Education

The mission of Double Pass is to bring inspiration, innovation and connection into talent development systems of football clubs, leagues and (con)federations with the aim of optimizing player potential, improving the quality of the game and producing sustainable social & economic football capital.

The vision of Double Pass is to be world leading in talent development systems. This means we want to be active on a global scale, we want to be seen as the reference in academy and sport technical management and we want to be unique and innovative in our assessment, co-creation and educational services. We thrive for this uniqueness through:

- Using our unique methodology and model which has a mixture of scientific background and practical on- and off- the field relevance
- Highly experienced staff members
- The transfer of our knowledge through content, processes and technology.
- International benchmarks, certification and best practices.

Our track record shows significantly better run academies and an improved quality of the game.

We propose unique educational journeys, in which we share all our built-up expertise and best practices that we gathered over 15 years working in 125 nations on 6 continents for more than 1.000 clubs!


Double Pass is active worldwide. We are around 60 enthusiastic and experienced professionals coming from 12 different countries. Cross-fertilizing all this knowledge, experiences, cultures as well as being digitally connected sits in our DNA. Meet our team

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