Senior Associate/Manager - FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre

Geneva, Switzerland
15 Jan 2019
14 Feb 2019
Contract Type
Full Time


Department: International Basketball Foundation (IBF)
Start Date: January/February/March 2019
Reports to: IBF Director


The FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre is a financially successful business unit. It is run by IBF on behalf of FIBA. The commercial opportunities should be further explored. Certain challenges in term of contract extension with existing partners and the right balance between exclusivity for partners and respecting anti-trust law must be considered.

2019 will be a cross roads for the business unit for two reasons:

  • The new 4-year contract period that will start on 1st January 2020 and end on 31st December 2023.
  • The procedures for application of partners as well as the testing and thus quality standards will be improved and implemented in the new contract period.

For the first reason we will have to start in Q1 of 2019 to send out contract proposals including all (new) rights and obligations to all existing partners. The objective should be to have a first idea of the expected 2020 annual turnover end of Q2 of 2019, to put reliable numbers into the 2020 budget.

For the second reason we are currently working with laboratories and stakeholders on a review of the E&V Centre regulations and specs for the rules. This should be ready in early 2019 but will need a lot of polishing and communication/explanation with partners.

Profile of the new hire:

We are looking for a dynamic person with both a technical understanding of sports equipment and applicable industry standards, and a general understanding of the business of sports equipment and sports facilities.

Ideally, the person has already experience with sports equipment homologation or testing. But also, a young university alumnus that has both an understanding of the technical context (engineering) and the business side of things (MBA) could fit the profile.

She/he should be ambitious, result driven with a strong strategic approach and vision for the future of the unit. After a certain period, the person should be able to work independently. She/he can run projects, manage budgets and be precise in reporting. The person is able to work in a small team and is service oriented. A general interest in sports or basketball is an additional plus.

Language: English must, all other languages a plus, but secondary.

Tasks/ responsibilities of the new hire:

Account Management & Approval of Basketball Equipment:

  • Run the business unit under the supervision of the IBF director
  • Renew and conclude new contracts with manufacturers for Homologation Program
  • Complete and implement the reviewed E&V Centre regulation and make sure it is respected by all partners.
  • Managing all matters linked to the relationship with customers/partners
  • Responsible of studying companies/manufacturers applications
  • Insure that high standards of quality, safety and technology for the athletes, public and media are in place
  • Contact with equipment testing institutes.
  • Insure that equipment is in line with FIBA Rules and Regulations
  • Responsible for all financial matters such as budgeting, invoicing and approving supplier contracts.
  • Visit of manufacturing companies applying for FIBA Approval and writing post visit reports

Bi-annual Partners’ Meeting/Decisional Board Meeting:

  • Responsible for the agenda’s meeting
  • Responsible for the preparation of working documents
  • Production and delivery of presentations or coordination of the latter
  • Approve meeting notes

Bi-annual FSB Fair in Cologne, Germany:

  • Responsible for concept of FIBA Village at trade show and further promotion amongst partners
  • PR and promotion of FIBA and FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre during fair
  • Approving post exhibition report
  • Promotion of the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre activities
  • Relation with FIBA dignitaries and FIBA Sponsors
  • Organization of social activities for FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre Partners

FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre Publications and Website:

  • Drafting and editing articles related to sports equipment and Equipment & Venue Centre activities with/without FIBA Equipment & Venue Partners
  • Proof Reading of articles edited by architects for the Equipment & Venue Guides
  • Coordination of rules and regulations publications for the Official Basketball Rules- Basketball Equipment fascicules with Sports Director (Technical Commission)
  • Approve content for the Equipment & Venue Centre website link

Development projects (CSR):

  • Coordinate distribution of equipment with NFs when equipment donated by FIBA
  • Liaise with IOC responsible team for installation of basketball equipment in some areas
  • Price negotiations with FIBA Equipment & Venue Partners for equipment purchased by FIBA


  • Regular involvement on different projects linked to IBF or FIBA activities

Please send a motivation letter and complete CV as part of your application.